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Hovhannes Sharambeyan Centre of Popular Creation is a unique hearth of national culture. Its mission is preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
The Centre was founded in 2011 when the Folk Art Museum after Hovhannes Sharambeyan and the Centre of People’s Art and Crafts were joined up.
The exhibits of Popular House founded in 1930s by the efforts of an ethnographer and folklorist Habetnak Babayan served as the basis for Folk Art Museums in Yerevan and Dilijan.
The collection (about 10.000 samples) includes works of art processing of wood, stone, metal, articles of ceramics, lace, embroidery, rugs and carpets, paintings by self-educated painters.
Donations by the Armenian Diaspora take a particular place in the collection.
The exhibits of the Centre have unique cultural value widely introducing the art of all historic-ethnographical regions of Armenia.
The exclusive samples of the Centre have been displayed in Russia, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Austria, China, Iran, Syria and other countries.